Inner City Evangelism by Crossfire Ministries

Crossfire has a burden for the “inner-cities” of America. Many young people in the “inner-cities” do not have positive role models in their homes or in the community where they live. That’s right, many of them have no fathers or male role models in the home. Because of these situations, young people are giving into the pressures of drug use, alcohol consumption, gang participation, sexual promiscuity and more. Unfortunately some of these casualties are very young. With your help, Crossfire will gladly schedule time to take the gospel into these “inner-cities” as the Lord opens the door.

Think with us for a moment, many young people will listen to an athlete before they will listen to their own parents, teachers, pastors or relatives. God uses Crossfire’s Christian Athletes to direct these young people toward the Lord Jesus Christ, who is their only hope.

One day Crossfire would love to add an “inner-city” staff member for the “inner-city” of Asheville, NC. This role model would not compete with the “inner-city” churches but he would come along side to assist, encourage, and share the good news of Jesus Christ through our sports platform.

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