Crossfire has been able to also use the sport of softball to impact many for Christ. Each year our teams compete in city leagues, play in tournaments, even prisons as well as fundraising tournaments throughout the area of Western North Carolina and beyond. Over the last 20 years our teams have played in many states across the South as well as internationally in Nicaragua!

It is not uncommon to end up with several hundred Professions of Faith in a calendar year. Keeping in mind that most of the decisions for Christ are grown men who compete against our teams. Many others are the umpires, wives and or girlfriends of players as well as children who are at the park listening when the Word of God is shared.

How exciting, a dad leaves his family for the weekend to play ball and comes home a different man because he trusted in Jesus Christ. Now the home has a Christian father who can in turn impact his wife, children and fellow workers at his job. Often times we forget to consider the positive fall out from one decision for Christ. Much fruit, great results are well worth every penny that is spent to make sure men and women are able to hear the gospel at a ballpark. And the fact is that some of those playing in tournaments weekend after weekend never make it to church because their church is the ball field with their teammates.

For the record, Crossfire does not encourage their athletes to miss church on a regular basis. They do their best to keep things balanced so that their teams do not put ball head of their walk with Christ. In fact, Crossfire does not allow their teams to play year around and or every weekend with no breaks. The local church is supported and seen as vital to the growth and well being of every believer.

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