Hello Friends and Campers,

We pray you are well. Since COVID appeared everyone has had to make adjustments to their summer camp protocols.  Our 2021, “31st Annual Crossfire Summer Basketball Camps” are being modified “As we go” and will continue to be adjusted as needed based upon all North Carolina COVID protocols for all summer camps.   This can mean one of the camp weeks could be rescheduled and or a particular COVID protocol for camp participation is added or dropped.  We are not saying changes will happen but we feel it is important to be clear up front. 

As for our Full Day / Overnight camp at Mars Hill University, we will also be adhering to their protocols.  Crossfire will honor both the state of NC and Mars Hill Universities’ requirements.  Please do your part to keep up with any changes as we walk forward in 2021.

Thanks for your understanding and patience.  We are looking forward to the opportunity to teach your son and or daughter some excellent basketball skills as well as teach them Christian principles at each of our camps.

For any questions please call Crossfire Ministries at 828-255-9111



July 18-22, 2021





CHECK-IN TIME:      July 18, 3:00 – 4:30 P.M.





  • Bible
  • Twin size linens or a sleeping bag
  • Pillow
  • Personal hygiene items
  • Bath towels and wash cloths
  • Flip flops (optional for shower)
  • Basketball attire for the week, 5 athletic length shorts (NO short shorts), 5 T-shirts, athletic supporters, 5 pairs athletic socks, basketball shoes for gym floor
  • DO NOT BRING NEW BASKETBALL SHOES –New shoes will result in blisters.
  • Shoes for wearing on campus
  • Alarm Clock (optional)
  • Cell phones are permissible but Crossfire will not be responsible for loss or damage.

Please put camper’s name on all articles of clothing and the other items if possible.

           NOTE: Rooms ARE air-conditioned.

           A CROSSFIRE Camp T-shirt will be given to each camper


Laptop/iPod, Basketball



Boys’ and Girls’ room assignments are separate.   Several Adult counselors will reside on each floor of the dorms (Men with boys and Women with girls).  Please note that Lunsford Dorm has Pods, (Each Pod has a small sitting area and 4 rooms which will have one camper per room).  First come, first serve.  The pod only holds 4 campers.  This means no campers will have a roommate however they will have the opportunity to secure a Pod with someone their age (Again this is first come first serve basis).  This means that we will not place a teenager in a Pod with a 9 or 10 year old, etc.  This is one of the reasons we encourage you as parents to register as soon as possible.   

Once Lunsford dorm is full we will put remaining Overnight campers in next dorm.  The arrangement will be different in the remaining dorms.    They will house one camper per room and every 2 campers will share a restroom. There will be NO Roommates in any dorm.



All camp rules are made for the safety of each camper and for the consideration of other campers.  The rules will be explained at the first campers’ meeting after dinner on Sunday.  Each camper should always have a buddy or coach with them when crossing a road or going back to the dorm for any reason. Any violation of rules or behavior problems will be dealt with by camp staff and could result in a camper being sent home without a refund.



All medications should be placed in a plastic bag with your camper’s name and any necessary information for proper administration. No medicines of any kind should be in the dorm room.  You will be asked to give your medications to the staff member in charge of medications at registration.    This staff member will administer all medications daily.



Spending money for concessions, etc. can be deposited into the Camp Bank at registration.  When campers make a purchase from the concession stand or Crossfire souvenir stand, the purchase will be subtracted from the camper’s “camp bank account.”  This system precludes campers needing cash with them and it prevents the loss of cash either by carelessness or theft. Any left over funds will be returned to the campers at the end of camp or, if you choose to do so, the remaining amount can be placed in our camp scholarship fund.



Will be open during break times.  Sports drinks, healthy snacks, etc. at an average cost of $1.00 will be available.  Crossfire products will also be available: shirts, basketballs, backpacks, and DVD’s.  The DVD’s are of the ACC All-Star Games and Randy Shepherd’s fundamental basketball drills and his personal testimony.  All items are priced at $20.


THURSDAY, JULY 22, 3:00 P.M.



If you desire to do so parents, you may come prior to the program time and pack your campers’ things or, after the program, campers can go to their dorm rooms with parents and pick up their things.  The dorm rooms MUST be left in good condition with all personal items removed.  Parents, you can help us greatly by double-checking to be certain your campers have all of their belongings and that the dorm room is left in proper condition.   Neither CROSSFIRE nor MARS HILL UNIVERSITY will be responsible for items left in the dorm rooms.  All items left in the dorms after camp will be thrown away immediately following camp. It is very important that you get all of your belongings out of the dorm room before you leave the campus.

MEDICATIONS that you bring to camp also need to be retrieved from the staff person who administers them.  Medications that are left at camp will be thrown away. By law medications cannot be mailed, so make sure medications are NOT left behind.

Keep Crossfire in your prayers as we prepare for this exciting week at Crossfire Basketball Camp.  Please email Karen Johnson at karenjohnson17@charter.net if you have further questions. If you prefer leaving a voice message, you may do so at:


Thank you,

Randy Shepherd and Jamie Johnson

Crossfire Ministries

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